Dejvice Dent s.r.o.

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Bechyňova 2571/3
2nd floor,
office 455, 466
160 00 Prague 6

Phone: 774 541 475

Dentist, founder, Elena Bezsmertna

Dr. Elena Bezsmertna is known for her genuine concern for her patients and the ability to always have their best interest in mind when providing detailed explanations of appropriate treatment options.

Dr. Elena Bezsmertna comes from a family of doctors. She grew up in Donetsk, Ukraine and after graduating with honors from Donetsk State Medical University in 2009 she did masters in General Dentistry in Donetsk, in 2013 she transferred to Prague, Czech Republic and works there till now.  She can speak English, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, German and Italian.

Now she runs her own practice in Prague 6 with a great team of professionals with a concentration on esthetic dentistry (veneers, partial restorations, crowns and bridges in all-ceramics) and dental surgery (wisdom tooth extractions, implant placement) 

Dr. Bezsmertna, as well as all our doctors, is a member of the Czech Dental Chamber (ČSK).


Elena Bezsmertna

G.P Dentist



G.P Dentist


Alina Retiznyk

Dental assistants

 Markéta Šormová